Senior Accountant

Do you love helping business owners? Anyone can prepare a set of accounts but helping owners to get that new house, take their family on that holiday of a lifetime or help to show them they can afford to take on that new employee and free up their time is valuable. We need people who can create empathy with clients and help them to achieve their goals. 

Do you want to help make a change for good? (We believe that helping owners grow their businesses increases employment, puts more back into the local economy and has a positive impact beyond just the owners that we advise). 

Are you a Xero hero?

When you get a complex problem are you like Will Hunting rather than Inspector Clouseau?

Does a set of accounts tell you a story? And, if so, can you turn that story into a Mr Men book for the business owner (rather than Tolstoy)?

Can you step back and see the wood from the trees. 

Do you know there are things that you don’t know that you don’t know 😳 but are willing to learn and won’t bullsh*t a client if they ask you a tricky question. Instead you let them know that you’ll need to look into it in more detail. 

Do you speak your mind and play with a straight bat. When a client says they claim 50,000 miles a year even though they only do 5,000 you tell them this isn’t allowed. And no, they can’t buy that 60” TV for their living room and write it off as a business expense. 
(But at the same time you want to help them to be as tax efficient as possible - within the rules). 

You have experience in all the other things we’d expect of someone applying for this job (preparing accounts, providing advice, management accounts, a good knowledge of tax, at least 3 years post qualified etc etc). i.e. if you are not an accountant then don’t bother applying 😉

=IF(“The answers to the above are yes”,”Contact us to apply”,”This jobs not for me”)

What’s in it for you?
Salary from £35,000 (dependant on experience)
Opportunity to grow and develop
Manage your own clients and time
Flexible / blended working (and office parking when you are in the office)

What else do we offer?
Referral bonuses 
Annual bonus – dependant on results
5% pension contribution
33 days holiday (plus another 5 for long service) and you get to choose when to take them. Want to shut off over Christmas - be our guest. Does your partner have different bank holidays - feel free to work and save the holiday for a later date. 
Full time role (although part time will be considered).

Want to know more about us first - check out our website and YouTube channel. 

Feel free to send us a video with your CV as we use zoom and loom (a lot!). 
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Most businesses aim at nothing and hit it with amazing accuracy
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