Changing Lives

At Russell & Russell we believe in working closely and helping our clients but more widely we believe, as a business, that we have a social responsibility. We have partnered with a ground breaking Social Enterprise, Buy 1 Give 1, to help communities around the world by funding carefully selected worthy causes.

What is great about this partnership is that 100% of all giving is passed on to the selected projects across the globe meaning that all of the money raised goes to where it is most needed.

How it Works

B1G1 is funded by a unique Business Partnership model which sustains the initiative and helps it create even more impact.

It allows the Board of B1G1 Giving to select, monitor and work with high-impact, close-to-the-ground projects at no cost to those projects.

It also means that 100% of your giving in B1G1 flows to the projects you select. And it means too that B1G1 can develop unique resources to support your business to leverage and deepen the impact of your giving.


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Most businesses aim at nothing and hit it with amazing accuracy
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