Throughout the year, we organise a range of events focused on helping our clients grow their businesses.

There are no events scheduled at present but why not check out some feedback from one of our previous seminars - "Making Your Business Really Fly (The legendary Wally interview conducted by Paul Dunn)".

Some other feedback we have received regarding the Wally sessions:

"It was awesome. Inspiring stuff and has reassured me that what I'm doing in the business is the best way forward. It has also given me loads of new things to work on. Thanks again for the invite." Jonny Jenkins, Director at John Jenkins & Son (Scotland) Ltd 

"The Wally event was very worthwhile. It's been a great start with Russell & Russell and it feels like you've got out back rather than just contacting us once a year and looking for a compliance fee." Scott Brewster, Director at Brewster Bros. Ltd
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Most businesses aim at nothing and hit it with amazing accuracy
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